Friends! After a year of plotting, planning, dreaming, and mostly a ton of hard work, Life Lately, the podcast, is now live! Here’s the backstory if you’d like to hear…

If you’re a Clara Persis/Channeling Contessa blog veteran, you’ll recall I used to run a series on the blog entitled just that, Life Lately. It was a weekly roundup of what I was eating, loving, and doing. It acted as a kind of a check-in on life with you guys. If we’d sat down to have coffee and you’d asked me what my life was like lately, the post captured what I would say. But it also touched on what was rattling around in my heart and my head. What I was striving to do better, overcome, accept, and so on. In short, how I was working to live a more authentic life.

When my podcast partner, Brooke, and I were mapping out what our show would be about, and trying to wrap our heads around a name for the brand, the title resurfaced.

Life Lately: a podcast about life, and living true to you.

It perfectly captured the sentiment we were striving for – equal parts raw, deep conversation, balanced with the funny, ridiculous exchanges you can only have with your closest friends. Though you aren’t sitting side-by-side with us, our intention is to have you leave each episode feeling like you just caught up with your favorite friends: strong, valued and ready to take on the world.

We’ve got FIVE episodes ready and waiting for you to listen! Here’s what we’ve covered:

  1. Hitting the Fall Reset Button on your Body, Mind, & Life (or January, February…)
  2. Making a Home a Home, Wherever You Are
  3. Making Meaningful Friendships in Your 20s, 30s, & Beyond
  4. Living True in 2016
  5. Taking Action Toward Something Big

You can subscribe on our homepage and get new episodes delivered straight to your inbox, or via iTunes or Stitcher. And lastly, I’d be so honored if you’d follow and come hang with us on Facebook, Instagram or TwitterI’m so excited to hear what you guys think! xx Clara

  1. La Troontoise

    Clara, thank you! I look forward to listening:-)

    Wishing you all the best!
    Greetings from France:-)

    • jocelyn

      u are awesome for everything u do and we all love you

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