I’m so incredibly grateful for the winter we had this year. It’s the first time in years that I haven’t felt completely beaten down by it all come March. Granted, the winters of 2014 and 2015 were emotionally bleak times, too, which definitely made the cold temperatures even worse. But either way, it felt so good to be able to revel in the season. Rich dishes. Hot fires. Belly-warming glasses of red wine with good friends. I’m almost sad to see it go!

Even though mother nature was easier on us this year, I can’t help but wonder if my happy mood has less to do with the actual weather and more so to do with Read more »

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A few weeks back, just two days before Christmas, I somehow threw away my wallet. Not lost, not stolen. Nope. I threw it away.

I managed to toss it into the trash (along with my takeout leftovers), and that trash was promptly taken out. Brilliant. Then, last week, in addition to dealing with piecing my life back together sans wallet, my heat and internet went out. It’s been a trifecta of operational disasters as of late.

I was casually telling a friend about this at a New Year’s party and was so struck by her initial reaction: Read more »


Merry merry, friends! Popping in for a quick hello and an OMGsogood cookie recipe. I made these over the weekend for a friend’s holiday party and all people could keep saying was “WHAT is in these cookies?!” And then they proceeded to have seconds and thirds, which always makes my heart so happy. So if you’re still in need of a knockout cookie for Santa, this is it.

I’m in the midst of wrapping up work and presents before I head upstate, but wanted to very excitedly remind you all that Read more »


Despite the fact that it’s been 60 freaking degrees in the city this weekend, the calendar date is still sending me into hibernation mode. The intensely hectic weekdays are probably also playing a role, but most nights all I desire is to come home, curl up with a plate of comforting food and my television obsession of the moment. And as independent of a person I am, this time of year does make me yearn a bit more for Read more »